Celebrating Culture with Dharination: Dallas Stars Hosts Indian Cultural Night

If you thought Dharination, the renowned beard care brand, only focused on promoting the 'bearded nation,' think again! Emphasizing the strength of community, Dharination recently joined forces with the Dallas Stars to host an Indian Cultural Night, marking the first time the Stars celebrated Indian culture at the American Airlines Center.

This extraordinary event took place on Saturday, March 25th, against the Vancouver Canucks. As Brad Alberts, Dallas Stars President and CEO, expressed, the event was a tribute to the sizeable Indian American community in the Metroplex, underlining the Stars' dedication to expanding the sport to underrepresented audiences.

The Indian Cultural Night was replete with festivities that brought Indian culture to the forefront. The event started at 4 p.m., transforming the PNC Plaza into a community partners bazaar. Among the featured participants was Dharination, showcasing their signature line of men's facial and beard grooming products. This includes their Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, and Beard Growth Serum, each product designed to maximize beard potential and promote overall beard health.

Adding a rhythm to the event, Punjabi drummers, known as 'dholis,' presented by Dharination, welcomed fans into the American Airlines Center with dhols - double-headed drums typically used in weddings and festivals. The pulsating beats of the drums set a dynamic tone, welcoming the Stars and Canucks onto the ice before each period.

Further, the event featured a live set from British Columbia-based DJ Heer, performances by Nruthyashakti Dance Academy and Shivam Dhol Tasha Pathak, and complimentary henna from local artist Mehndi by Nirmala.

The event also hosted a pregame networking panel featuring Indian trailblazers from various sectors. Moderated by SMU Cox School of Business Professor Radhika Zaveri, the panel included influential figures like Gowri Sharma, Board President of the Dallas Museum of Art, and former NHL player Robin Bawa, the first athlete of South Asian descent to play in the National Hockey League.

The Dallas Stars Foundation 50/50 Raffle proceeds from the event benefited the Orchid Giving Circle, demonstrating that Dharination's commitment to community goes beyond the 'bearded nation.' It's a testament to the brand's dedication to inclusivity and appreciation of diverse cultures.

In this spirit of inclusivity, Dharination continues to invite everyone to 'Join the Nation.' Beyond beard care, Dharination is about creating a space where everyone belongs, and their involvement in the Dallas Stars' Indian Cultural Night was a vibrant celebration of this mission. It's a wonderful reminder that when we care for our beards, we are part of a wider community that values diversity, unity, and a shared love for the game.

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